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Insta-Book is packed with features. We recommend you discover for yourself just how user friendly and supportive Insta-Book will be for your business through our 30 Day Free Trial. Insta-Book offers great flexibility so that your business type, model, size, location, work pace and services will comfortably fit. You and your clients will benefit from an easy to use, flexible and highly sophisticated service. If you travel to your clients or they travel to you, we have you covered. If you service one suburb, multiple cities, regional or nationwide, we have got you covered. Boutique business can work around client availability whilst fast paced companies can set rigid schedules. We’ve also included algorithms to ensure fairness in staff booking allocations for even workloads.
We have put years of careful planning in Insta-Book development (since 2010) and have identified and solved problems our competitors have not yet considered. We understand the pivotal role Insta-Book will play in your business and the last thing you need is an investment that locks you in and creates headaches through glitches and oversights. We are so confident you will be satisfied and remain with us, there are no contracts to enter and you are free to leave without penalty. After you have familiarized yourself with the free trial and you have doubt on Insta-Book's ability to support your business we encourage you to contact us for a confidential discussion.
Our Secret. We built Insta-Book, the Insta-Book Calendar and management, report and record keeping tools. Our competitors have mostly built systems using existing Microsoft products (Excel, Windows calendar and Google distance maps) allowing the client to self-book from staff calendars. Whilst easy for the client to use, managers can find themselves administratively overburdened by the simplicity and rigidity of a system using products not designed for online bookings.

National Business and Franchise Operations. National companies and Franchises can be managed by the one Insta-Book account through a Super User in Head Office with bookings automatically allocated out to the relevant staff. Alternatively, Insta-Book can be decentralized with each State and Territory manager or business owner managing their own Insta-Book account. From the clients’ perspective both options are identical. Also see Small Business and Sole Traders below.
Small Business and Sole Traders Insta-Book Now does not have any borders and staff must specify all locations serviced. Locations may be selective or clustered to the city and surrounds or extend to regional, rural and interstate. If a presence cannot be guaranteed at nominated locations at all times, these are tagged for Insta-Book to book as tentative that can be confirmed or edited by staff through their own Insta-Book account. We include another feature to direct clients from nominated areas to select a specific day or time.
Alliances Groups or independent business can form alliances and use Insta-Book to expand their networking and market share in a similar to the franchising model. This alliance also works well if independent businesses (as an example) are supported by suppliers or manufacturers in common. The supplier promoting products on their website can include your Insta-Book hyperlink to capture bookings to be allocated to the businesses through the Insta-Book location features. For more information, contact us for a confidential discussion. Register your Business in the Free Trial Now


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